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J.D. William Mitchell College of Law, 1995 (St. Paul, Minn.)
B.S., Marketing Education University of Minnesota, 1990 (Minneapolis, Minn.) 

Tiffaney Janowicz leads Rust’s consumer as well as insurance and healthcare practice areas, with a depth of experience in antitrust and product liability matters. She also provides guidance to a team of project management professionals who handle projects in the same practice areas. 

Janowicz began her career as a consultant at Rust in 1996 and was promoted to senior vice president in 2003. In her current role, Janowicz specializes in customer relations and strategic consultation on claims administration programs. Rust’s clients benefit from her expertise in developing and executing strategies designed to achieve their settlement administration goals. 

Janowicz has overseen all aspects of hundreds of settlements, including many of the firm’s largest claims-processing matters. Examples include Microsoft’s antitrust settlements for the states of California, Iowa, Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin, as well as the multi-district litigation claiming that companies fixed the price of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) in the United States. Janowicz has also lead many of Rust’s insurance-related settlements and a number of credit life settlements. 


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