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Remediation Solutions
See Rust's remediation case studies or visit www.RustRemediation.com for a more complete look at remediation.

Data and System Security to Meet Your Needs
Rust understands the unique regulatory landscape financial institutions face. That’s why we have established complementary data and system security measures. Our assortment of certifications, policies, and best practices passes regular audits by many of our largest financial-institution clients as well as third parties, making it easy for clients to offload remediation programs to us so they can focus on their core business.

Set and Exceed Expectations
Your firm may not have experience handling compliance remediation programs. Rust has—including more than 475 with one major credit card company alone. We have an array of services standard to remediation programs and can work with your firm to establish detailed statements of work and service level agreements. Then we’ll report on progress against those terms, keeping you on top of the big picture and the smallest details.

The Capacity to Handle Your Biggest Challenges
No matter how large the remediation program—or how many concurrent smaller ones—Rust has the capacity to meet your needs. We have taken more than 1 million calls on each of seven different projects, have disseminated more than 10 million notices on each of seven projects, and have distributed more than $20 billion. We handle hundreds of simultaneous matters, providing our clients with the same excellent service for each.


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$122M+ Distributed
A credit card company engaged Rust to administer remediation projects arising through internal audits. Over three years and 475 projects, Rust has distributed more than $122 million.

70% Paid
A financial institution engaged Rust to administer remediation related to Servicemembers Civil Relief Act issues discovered through internal audits. Rust notified, obtained releases from, and paid 70% of eligible borrowers.

Preliminary Consultation

Project Management





Distribution and Tax Reporting

Contact Rust prior to uncovering the need for remediation to ensure you’re ready to go when the time comes. We can work through your preferred vendor process, ensure we satisfy your compliance department’s needs, establish sample statements of work with service level agreements, and consult on options for notification and scripting to address any scenario.