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Recall Solutions 
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Rapid Response
With decades of experience handling time-sensitive projects such as recalls, Rust is well equipped to respond at a moment’s notice. Our no-cost master service agreements speed the process even more by taking care of the details before an incident occurs, allowing us to often set up your call center within one day.

However Big the Challenge
No recall is too big: Rust has administered individual projects requiring us to mail tens of millions of notices, staff more than 1,000 customer service reps, and take more than 3.6 million calls—and we regularly manage hundreds of concurrent matters. Our capacity and infrastructure allow us to provide attentive service to every project of any size.

Multilingual? Of Course!
Recalls affect populations around the globe: trust Rust to communicate with any impacted audience. We have supported communications in more than 100 languages, including 67 on a single project. In one European Union-based recall, Rust handled calls with operators speaking French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and English.


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8-Hour Response
Rust responded to a food product recall with IVR phone service in eight hours. Live and Spanish-language service were in place the next day.

Multilingual EU Support
To support a consumer electronics company’s EU-based recall, Rust provided 100 call center reps to provide support in five languages from 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. CT.

3.7M Notices
Rust’s services for an automotive product manufacturer’s recall spanned several years and included the mailing of 3.7 million
notification letters
and scheduling more than 52,000 service appointments.

Preliminary Consultation

Project Management






A successful recall is often determined long before the incident occurs. Contact Rust to establish a no-cost master service agreement—no retainer fees—to begin planning for a recall and cut down on implementation time later. As required, we’ll establish formal statements of work with service level agreements, help you build project plans, templates, scripts, and everything else necessary to quickly and thoroughly address a future recall.