40 years in legal administration services.

millions and millions

of claims administered over the last 40 years

Rust is a recognized leader in class action settlement administration
with decades of experience handling some of the largest and most
complex cases in history. Discover how we can help you, who will help
you and more about our experience, using the filters below.

We emphasize our culture and values, seeking not only to improve our work quality, but our work environment, while making a difference in our communities. 

Our corporate values guide our interactions with clients, vendors, and colleagues. Service, integrity, respect, accountability, and teamwork shape our culture. 

Our values include: 

  • Delivering exceptional client service 
  • Building long-term relationships 
  • Service excellence 
  • Integrity, personal responsibility, and respect 
  • No errors 
  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • Humor and fun 
  • Innovation 

In the spirit of these values, the Rust community reaches beyond “9-to-5” tasks to help employees enrich their professional and personal lives by developing their strong, healthy, authentic selves. Whether through professional training opportunities, informal lunch-and-learns, or the growth that comes from working side by side with talented and experienced colleagues, Rust fosters a culture that encourages employees’ development.



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Jan 25

NYSBA Antitrust Law Section Meeting

Feb 15 - 16

16th Annual Class Action Conference 2018

Mar 23

2018 PAGA Workshop